Best OCR applications for agile and hyper-automation projects

Ashutosh Saitwal
Ashutosh Saitwal

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At KlearStack we strongly believe that we are at the cusp of an emerging automation age driven by machine learning, artificial intelligence among other new technologies. Once considered to be too difficult to be automate tasks requiring cognitive capabilities successfully, OCR Technology- Optical Character Recognition coupled with AI has brought us to juncture where data can be captured from handwritten, printed, or typed text into machine-encoded texts and converted into interpretable data. More advanced versions of OCR are further capable of translating and interpreting text on physical documents.

Given the advancements in process automation in today’s businesses to improve productivity and efficiency, OCR has evolved to enable businesses to transform unstructured data to derive valuable insights and ultimately automate processes in a highly efficient and accurate manner.

What is an OCR application?

An OCR application or software uses OCR technology that is designed to work electronically to recognize characters from images whether scanned, photographed or native digitally generated. Most of these OCR softwares are designed to work with smartphone cameras or portable scanning devices. Earlier versions of OCR software required training with multiple images of characters to be able to recognize characters, especially from handwritten documents. Advanced versions have preloaded databases of fonts or handwriting or even use Artificial Intelligence to recognize handwriting.

OCR applications turns scanned images into text-based machine-readable files. With the help of OCR, paper-based documents can be converted into editable digital documents. With OCR, you can scan paper documents, easily archive them as digital PDFs, and easily save them.

OCR applications help reduce the amount of physical space required to store documents and make it easy to process bulk amounts of data. It is easier to process the digitized data in comparison to manual handling of data as it reduces the risk of lost and misfiled documents. OCR technology has dramatically reduced the cost of manual data handling.

A good OCR application does not only allow simple and seamless conversion but also provides cloud storage capabilities.

Application of OCR solution

  • PDF converter
  • Image preprocessor
  • Text Editor
  • ID scanner
  • Bulk document scanning


How to create an OCR application for Android?

  • If you are developing an OCR application, there are certain key features that you need to incorporate into your project.
  • Document Conversion: This is an important feature OCR application should have where users should be able to save scanned files in multiple formats. For example, text from scanned documents can be saved as a text document that can be edited or as a PDF. Conversion to other formats is an important requisite for an OCR application.
  • Multiple input formats: Users should be able to use different file formats as input, not just images, but other PDF or text documents also should be supported as input.
  • Libraries and API: API provides an easy way to integrate face detection, text detection, or barcode detection on android devices. We can just import the open-source libraries Library with Android Studio and implement the OCR for retrieving text from the camera preview.


Best OCR Application Solution of 2023


KlearStack goes far beyond OCR-based invoice data extraction or invoice OCR software. Combine ML algorithms such as AI efficiency, deep learning, natural language processing, and RPA with OCR, which is used as a template-less, automated end-to-end system. KlearStack enables you to extract data quickly and accurately and intelligently automate the manual process of data extraction and data entry. In addition, it helps document decision-making and turns unstructured documents into actionable insights for AP teams. KlearStack resides in cloud storage, making it even easier for teams to collaborate with the same responsibilities.


  • It allows template-free data capture from multiple document types at once
  • Both SaaS on-premise options are offered by KlearStack
  • It is highly accurate
  • Provides an adaptive deep learning model
  • Intelligent extraction of critical fields
  • Provides a fully functional free trial version


  • The free trial is offered for a limited period


Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR helps users capture screenshots and grab text from images. You can use Easy Screen OCR to take a snapshot and start the OCR process. The program recognizes the text from the image and immediately starts the OCR process. You can extract the text you want to copy and paste in seconds.


  • Fast and convenient
  • Can be used up to 20 times without any subscription.


  • Subscription-based
  • PDFs are limited to 15 pages or 50 MB



Capture2Text is a practical and effective software solution. Its main purpose is to capture specific areas of your desktop and perform optical character recognition (OCR) operations, then save the results to the clipboard.


  • Installation is not required.
  • The keyboard shortcut can be used to quickly OCR anything


  • Accuracy improvements are needed since it might misinterpret text often.
  • Languages needed to be installed other than default languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish)


Docsumo uses intelligent OCR technology to scan, extract, and analyze information from PDFs or images on your website, so you can process your data in three simple steps:

– Press the extension button to select an area

– Review and edit the extracted text

– Share the text or copy it from the image


  • Simple and easy interface for manual entry
  • Impressive AI extraction


  • API Documentation is brief
  • Complex Features



The Veryfi OCR API extracts, classifies, and enhances all details, from unstructured receipts, invoices, and invoices to large single items without the traditional restrictions like templates or human workforce


  • Decentralized bookkeeping of data
  • Transparent Pricing


  • 14 days’ trial period
  • Might not be quite accurate, there are likely to be some mistakes made during scanning.


Why KlearStack?

KlearStack AI is an intelligent data processing tool that supports AI-controlled data extraction for unstructured and semi-structured business text documents. KlearStack enables you to extract data quickly and accurately and intelligently automate the manual process of data extraction and data entry. It enables enterprises around the world with intelligent automation solutions that identify the key fields that need to be extracted from structured business documents.

KlearStack AI helps businesses save time, money, and effort. By using the latest technologies such as intelligent document processing and AI-controlled OCR technology, KlearStack also provides intelligent business solutions for invoice automation, order automation, receipt acquisition, and credit automation.

KlearStack AI also has developed a unique concept of Day Zero Accuracy that gives it an edge over and above every other document intelligence platform. With Day Zero Accuracy, KlearStack AI can extract data from unseen documents with higher accuracy for template-free, unstructured documents.


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