Top 10 Data Extraction Tools in 2024  

Ashutosh Saitwal
Ashutosh Saitwal

Founder CEO - KlearStack AI

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Data is the collection of information that is crucial in the business world. It helps make business decisions, maintain records, and find solutions. But it is possible only when the data is organized and accessible. Isn’t it? 

A company or organization holds a huge collection of data that keeps increasing with time. The data collection may include some repetitive information and tons of documents. Extracting specific key information from unstructured and complex stats can be complicated. This is where the data extraction tools come to the rescue of businesses. 

Data extraction tools are pivotal in extracting useful information and making it accessible. 

But what are those data extraction tools that help enterprises and businesses in extracting data from multiple sources? 

Don’t worry—this blog post includes the top 10 data extraction tools. But before that, let’s briefly understand what data extraction tools are.

What are Data Extraction Tools ?

Data extraction tools help retrieve and extract data from various sources, including vast databases, documents, websites and APIs and make it structured. Here, the structure data means the arrangement of data in a systematic way in columns and rows that becomes accessible and can be processed efficiently for further actions. 

Data extraction tools are mediums for extracting data efficiently with little human intervention, errors, and time consumption. Let’s discover the top data extraction tools together and find the best one for your business. 

Benefits  Data Extraction Tools 

1. Cost – Efficiency 

    Data extraction tools automate several tasks, including identifying the data type, organizing it, and more, saving time and offering efficiency. 

    2. Scalability 

      Data extraction tools empower companies to amass data from diverse sources, fostering the creation of a robust database. This, in turn, facilitates easy extraction and contributes to business expansion.

      3. High accuracy 

        AI-empowered data extraction tools are less prone to errors, offering the data extraction process high accuracy. Tools like Klearstack can even provide 99% of data accuracy. 

        You must know, the list is not in a serial order.  

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        Top 10 Data Extraction Tools for Businesses in 2024

        1. KlearStack 

        Klearstack is an excellent data extraction tool in data warehouses. It is intelligent document-processing software for businesses looking to automate their data extraction, processing, and interpretation processes. Equipped with automotive and generative AI, Klearstack can extract data from PDFs, online documents, images, emails, scanned documents, or unstructured datasets with more than 99% accuracy and 80% cost reduction.

        The tool is suitable for supply chain management companies, banks, product manufacturing companies, and other big enterprises that process bills of lading, invoices, ID cards, and document verification. 

        • Demo: Free demo
        • Free Trial: Notified soon
        • Pricing: Available in 3 plans, you can discover the price after taking the demo 

        Pros Cons
        ✔99% Accuracy ✔ Not suitable for personal use. 
        ✔Suitable for invoice, Receipt, Us Passport, OMR sheet, Airway Bill, Purchase Order, India Passport, Transport Bill  and other numbers of document types. ✔ Trail version is yet to be introduced. 
        ✔Reliable and Robust Solution 
        ✔Seamless integrations with any accounting, ERP or RPA systems. Out-of-the-box integrations with SAP, QuickBooks, Traze, AWS S3 Bucket, Google Drive, Secure FTP and other
        ✔Available in 3 plans- Standard, Premium, Enterprise

        Key Features of Klearstack 

        • Pre-Trained Document Models
        • Custom Model Creation
        • Document & Page Auto-Classification
        • Document & Page Auto-Splitting
        • Easy-To-Use Apis
        • Data Validation & Reconciliation
        • Template-Free Data Extraction

        2. Hevo  

        Hevo is a pioneer tool capable of extracting data from 150+ sources, including SaaS apps and databases. It pipelines the data and syncs automatically to data warehouses. Havo loads data in real-time and transforms data at the same time. The SaaS tool is easy to use to interface and locate your data at your choice, such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Databricks, and Firebolt. 

        • Demo: Free demo
        • Free Trial: Available 
        • Pricing: Starts with $239/month

        Pros Cons
        ✔24×7 Live Technical Support✔ Suitable for enterprise use. 
        ✔150+ plug-and-play integrations✔Limited to complex uses. 
        ✔Paid service is available with different plans- Starter, professional, business critical 

        3. Octoparse 

        Octoparse is a cloud-based data extraction tool that helps extract data from various websites. It is one the best tools for web scraping without the need to use coding. However, the use of Octoparse is limited to data extraction from websites only. 

        • Demo: Not Provided
        • Free Trial: Available  
        • Pricing: Starts with $75/month

        Pros Cons
        ✔Free plan is available ✔Not suitable to extract data from multiple sources. 
        ✔Coding is not required. ✔Free version is limited to 10 tasks
        ✔Available in 3 paid plans- standard, professional, enterprises

        4. Import i.o 

        Import i.o is among the best data extraction tools that ensure you invest time and effort in analyzing the data instead of collecting and finding them. The tool works with various sources, including emails, documents, social media, websites, etc. Import i.o caters to multiple industries: retail, travel, hospitality, air, brand and e-commerce. 

        • Demo: Available
        • Free Trial: Not Available  
        • Pricing: Starts with $399/month

        Pros Cons
        ✔ Integrate with CSV, Excel, JSON, Output, API Library Access, Extractor Tagging, Webhook✔ Desktop app is required
        ✔No-coding is required  ✔Chat and phone support is available only with advanced and custom plan
        ✔Capable in extracting data from multiple pages

        5. Matillion

        If your business requires a cloud-native data extraction platform, Matillion can be one of the right platforms. Matillion transforms and loads data into warehouses and is suitable for small enterprises with limited team members. The data extraction tool requires low minimum or no coding. The tool is also ideal for medium and more enormous organizations with REST API and connector and the option to manually code scripts in Python, Bash, and SQL. 

        • Demo: Available
        • Free Trial: Available  
        • Pricing: Starts with $2/credit

        Pros Cons
        ✔ Easy to use interface✔More suitable for small business. 
        ✔Minimum Coding is required. ✔Pricing model works on credit not monthly
        ✔Available in 3 paid plans- basic, advanced, enterprises

        6. Improvado 

        Improvado is an AI-powered ETL tool (Extract, Transform, and Load) specialized in extracting data from marketing and sales platforms. With Impravado, you can easily create data pipelines and customized metrics for your reports, marketing channels, target audience, and data sources. The tool provides solutions such as paid research analysis, e-commerce analytics, campaign health audits, etc. 

        • Demo: Not Mentioned
        • Free Trial:  Not Mentioned
        • Pricing: Can know after booking the call 

        Pros Cons
        ✔ Extract any metrics and dimensions from unlimited accounts per data source✔More suitable for marketing and advertising business. 
        ✔ Access upto 5 years of data✔Details about free trial, demo, and price not disclosed.  
        ✔Available in 3 paid plans- basic, advanced, enterprises

        7. SAS Data Management

        SAS Data Management is comprehensive software for accessing, extracting, transforming, and loading data into a unified environment. It assists in managing and integrating data from multiple sources, including data warehouses and data lakes like Hadoop. The tool allows you to create data management rules and reuse them across different projects and data sets at your convenience. 

        • Demo: Available
        • Free Trial:  Available
        • Pricing: Can request to learn pricing 

        Pros Cons
        ✔ Caters to different industries agriculture, banking, capital markets, hospitality, insurance etc. ✔Can be complex to use. 
        ✔  SAS Data Management is capable in matrix programming, optimization, advanced workload management and more. ✔Price is not disclosed.  
        ✔Provide Free consultation and training

        8. Web Scraper 

        Web Scraper is among the best data extraction tools online, and it runs on your browser without any additional app installation on your desktop. The tool is a Chrome extension suitable for regular and professional use. To use a Web Scraper, individuals don’t require to learn or know Python, JavaScript, CSV, or coding. 

        • Demo: Not provided, can use video tutorials
        • Free Trial:  Available
        • Pricing: Starts with $50/Month

        Pros Cons
        ✔ Available for your regular use cases ✔Plans include limited cloud credits except scale plans . 
        ✔ Affordable and inexpensive compared to competitors   ✔Requires tech savvy personnel to work on the website efficiently.   
        ✔Available in 4 plans- project, professional, business, and scale

        9. Nanonets 

        Another excellent tool for data extraction is Nanonets, which has an in-built OCR facility. Nanonets supports over 200 languages and is compatible with extracting data from multiple sources such as PDFs, documents, images, emails, and scanned files. The tool is similar to Klearstack. However, unlike Klearstack, Nanonets gives only 95% accuracy. 

        • Demo: Available
        • Free Trial:  Available
        • Pricing: Starts with $999/Month

        Pros Cons
        ✔ 24*7 customer supports✔ Requires to enhance its usability. 
        ✔ Enterprise plan includes personalized training    ✔Expensive when compared to other apps.   
        ✔Suitable for both cloud and On-premise hosting

        10. DocSomo

        DocSumo helps in extracting data from unstructured documents efficiently and accurately. The tool minimizes manual efforts in processing the data and enhances efficiency. With it, you can extract data from PDF, PNG, JPG, API, Email, Cloud drive, local machine, etc.

        • Demo: Available
        • Free Trial:  Available
        • Pricing: Starts with $500/Month

        Pros Cons
        ✔ 24*7 customer supports✔Not able to extract data through handwritten text and OMR with  Growth and business plan,
        ✔ Enterprise plan includes personalized training    ✔Limited users in growth and business plans.   
        ✔Available with 3 pricing models – growth,  business, enterprise

        Top 3 Data Extraction Tool Free

        1. Web Scraper

          Web Scraper is an accessible data extraction tool available as a Chrome extension. 

          2. Havo Data

            Havo Data is also an excellent tool for extracting data for free with its free plan. Up to 5 users can use Havo data with limited features.

            3. Octoparse

                Octoparse is also available as a free version suitable for simple and minor projects.  

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              How to Select the Best Data Extraction Tool?

              Consider Your Company Size 

              Company size is essential for identifying the right data extraction tool for your company. Do you want to extract data for enterprise-level projects, or is it for any small use? 

              Identify Document Types for Data Extraction 

              PDFs, physical documents, online invoices, bills of lading, which document type your business deals with or figures out, which type of documents you’re looking for a solution. 

              Take a Demo, Trail or Use Free Version

              Nearly all the data extraction tools provide a demo of the tool. Some also offer free trials and versions, leveraging the opportunity to learn about the tool in detail. 

              Examine its Suitability as Per Uses

              Now, you examine the suitability of the data extraction tools for your requirements, whether their capability eases your tasks or not. 

              Check Plans and Compare 

              Pricing is also important. Different online data extraction tools offer various plans. You can check the plans and compare them according to their features to select the right tool for your business.  

              Which is the Best Data Extraction Tools? 

              Klearstack has flexibility, highest accuracy, and cost efficiency, and it is a one-go choice for various businesses for invoice OCR, bill of lading,  loan applications, purchase orders, and over 50 document types. The AI-empowered tool is capable of processing multiple-page documents. 

              ✔Up to 80% cost reduction

              ✔Up to 500% operation efficiency

              ✔Up to 99% accuracy

              Want to learn about Klearstack in detail? Schedule a demo!

              Also, Read what all our users says: 

              FAQs Related to Data Extraction Tools 

              1. What are the types of data extraction?

              The types of data extraction include: 

              • Manual or Automated Data Extraction: This refers to the extraction of data either manually with the help of human resources or using an automated process with AI-empowered tools.  
              • On-premise or Cloud-based Data Extraction: If you want your business data to be stored on-site or on the cloud.  
              • Real-time or Batch Data Extraction: Depending on your business needs, you can choose whether you want the tool to update the data in real-time or use it for a fixed duration called a batch. 

              2. Is Excel a data extraction tool?

              Excel is one of the most essential tools for managing data in one place. 

              3. What are data extraction techniques?

              Data extraction techniques are processes for extracting data from different sources through web scraping, API-based extraction, text extraction, OCR, etc.

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