How to Extract Data from a Delivery Note?

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How to Extract Data from a Delivery Note

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A delivery note, also called dispatch note, delivery docket, or goods received note, is issued whenever a shipment of goods is delivered to a customer. A copy of this delivery note is usually returned to the seller as proof of delivery. 

E-commerce, manufacturing companies, exporter-importer, wholesale distributors, freight and logistics companies often use delivery notes to smoothen the supply chain. The delivery note includes information such as the list of goods in the package, order date, shipment date, order number, name, expected delivery date, and follow-up deliveries associated with the same order. 

The extraction of this information and organization at a centralized place helps track the shipment. It offers further benefits to customers, like returns, replacements, discounts for the next order, and more. 

In this blog, we will learn the data extraction process for delivery dockets or notes. 

Process of Data Extraction in Delivery Note 

Process of Data Extraction in Delivery Note 

Process of Data Extraction in Delivery Note- Manual or Automated  

Businesses can extract data from delivery notes either manually or by automating it.  If you’re a business operating on a small scale, manual data extraction from delivery notes may work for you. However, if your company works on a large scale, you are required to automate it. 

Manual Data Extraction of Delivery Notes

Manual data extraction is a process of manually extracting data from relevant sources through copy-paste or data entry. The manual data extraction can be time-consuming and prone to error. Scaling such services at an organization may also require deploying multiple systems and employees. 

Automated Data Extraction of Delivery Notes

Automated data extraction is an advanced technology that extracts data with the help of a delivery note data extraction tool or software. This tool automatically extracts valuable information from vast documents without any human intervention. Intelligent technologies also ensure a fast and error-free process. 

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How Data Extraction Automation Works for Delivery Notes?

Intelligent document processing software equipped with natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), optical character recognition (OCR), and other advanced technology helps in automating the data extraction process. KlearStack is one such tool that assists businesses in dealing with various types of documents, including delivery notes. In six steps, intelligent document processing extracts the data from the delivery notes or dockets. 

1. Preprocessing 

This is the first step of data extraction. In this step, the tool evaluates the quality of the delivery notes. If it is not up to mark, it enhances the quality for further extraction. 

2. Document Classification

The document is categorized as a delivery notes document when it passes the quality evaluation test. Here, the machine identifies the pattern and information of the delivery notes and proceeds to the next step.

3. Data Capture and Digitization

Using ML and OCR delivery docket, the software scans the document and transforms it into a digital format. It converts the printed text into computer-generated text. 

4. Intelligent Data Extraction

In this step, the tool pulls the valuable information. It uses intelligent analysis, pre-training information, and machine learning to extract and interpret the data. 

5. Data Validation 

Validation is one of the crucial areas where you might need human intervention. Data is checked and validated against the available database in this step to enhance its accuracy. However, if the software finds some errors, it flags them for review.  You can validate the flagged information manually and train the system for a similar data pattern. 

6. Integration with Restful APIs

The RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) integrates the delivery notes software with your other and existing applications to organize all the information with easy access.

Benefits of Automated Data Extraction for Delivery Notes 

Reduced Error 

Errors in delivery notes data may result in wrong refunds, missing shipments, delivery delays, or more. OCR’s ability to extract data from delivery notes minimizes the risk of errors and eliminates human error due to fatigue or oversight. 

Time Savings 

OCR data extraction from delivery notes saves time and improves operational efficiency by up to 500%. It eliminates several repetitive tasks and makes the process easy for business. 


Data extraction with the help of AI helps the particular company scale.  You don’t need manual expansion to process the invoices, deliveries, and receipts. The data management system handles it. 

Centralized Data 

The delivery note management system captures and centralizes the data, resulting in better data management. The centralized data fosters easy accessibility.  

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Automated data extraction facilitates faster and more accurate data processing, and businesses can respond to customer inquiries more quickly and accurately. It leads to improved customer satisfaction and better service levels.

Step-by-Step Guide to Automate the Data Extraction Process for Delivery Notes 

Now that you know how automated data extraction for delivery notes works and what their benefits are, learn how to automate the data extraction for delivery notes. 

KlearStack is an efficient solution for automating the data extraction process. 

Here is a guide to automate the data extraction process for delivery notes. 

Step 1: Register/Login to the Software

How to Extract Data from a Delivery Note? KlearStack

To automate the delivery notes data extraction process, you’ll first need to register as a user on KlearStack. Upon successful registration, you will receive login credentials. Use these credentials to log in. 

Step 2: View the Dashboard 

How to Extract Data from a Delivery Note?

After logging in successfully, you can view the dashboard listing pre-trained models for different document types, including invoices, receipts, air bills, etc. You can also create a custom model for delivery notes. However, you can process with a pre-trained model “invoice” in the dashboard for data extraction from the delivery note.  

Step 3: Upload the Delivery Notes

Extract Data from a Delivery Note?

Tap the “Add new” button on the screen’s top right corner. KlearStack accepts various document formats, including Electronic PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG,0 scanned PDF, and ZIP files. You can upload the delivery notes in the desired format.

Step 4: Specify the Number of Pages and Business Type

Klesrstack- How to Extract Data from a Delivery Note?

KlearStack supports multi-page processing and works for both B2B and B2C business types. In this step, you must specify the pages you want to process. Additionally, choose whether the invoice is for a B2B or B2C transaction.  

Step 5: Review the Status of Uploaded Delivery Note  

You can quickly review the status of the uploaded delivery note by viewing the top of the list of processed documents. If the document is processed successfully, it will turn green. 

Step 6: Examine the Extracted Data 

For a detailed examination, click on the uploaded delivery note. You will see the extracted data fields on one side of the screen and the original note on the other. This split view allows you to scroll through and verify the accuracy of the data against the original document.

Step 7: Verify and Edit the Captured Information

You can verify any specific information extracted from the document by clicking on it. The software will highlight the relevant section on the uploaded delivery notes. If you find the info lacks accuracy, you can edit it. 

Step 8: Approve the Verified Data

After verifying the data’s accuracy, you can click the “approve” button to finish the process. 

Step 9: View the Approved Data on the Dashboard

Once you approve the document, return to the dashboard. Here, delivery notes will be displayed with an approval sign. 

In this section, you can view all uploaded documents and their data sources, formats, and types,  providing a comprehensive overview of all the processed information.

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Features of KlearStack Delivery Notes Data Extraction Software

KlearStack, intelligent document processing software, streamlines your data extraction process. Leveraging its multiple features, you can process any document for your business. 

Key features of Klearstck delivery notes data extraction software are: 

  • Template-less Solution
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Multi-page Data Extraction
  • Bulk delivery notes processing 
  • Seamless Integration
  • Document classification

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FAQs Related to Delivery Note

1. What is a Delivery Note? 

The delivery note is a document with the delivered goods or shipments containing information about the quantity of goods, packaging list, etc.  

2. Is a Delivery Note a Legal Document?

Delivery notes can act as a legal document, as the customer signs them when the shipment is delivered. This delivery note also helps further in invoice processing. 

3. What is the Content of the Delivery Note?

The delivery note consists of the goods enclosed in the shipment, including the order date, shipment date, order number, name, expected delivery date, etc. 

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