Best Document Digitization Companies in India in 2024

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Best Document Digitization Companies in India in 2024

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What is data digitization?

Data digitization, often simply referred to as digitization, is the process of converting analog information or physical documents into digital formats. This transformation involves using technology to capture, store, and manage data in a digital form, making it easily accessible, searchable, and manipulable.

What are the benefits of digitizing services?

For businesses and organizations in India and around the world, transitioning from traditional, paper-based document management to digitization offers a myriad of benefits. 

benefits of digitizing services

Digitizing services:

  1. Improves efficiency by reducing manual effort and processing times. 
  2. Results in cost savings through lower operational expenses.
  3. Eliminates the need for physical storage. 
  4. Ensures privacy and compliance. 
  5. Error-free reporting, improved accessibility, and boosted productivity.
  6. Scalability meets evolving needs.

4 Best Document Digitization Companies in India

#1. Klearstack

klearstack - best IDP solution

KlearStack is AI-based intelligent document processing (IDP) software. It is a perfect company in India for businesses looking to digitize the document processing processes. 

This SaaS and cloud-based solution can significantly cut manual data entry costs by 80% and speed up operations by 300%. Can you believe it?

It is a template-free AI-based OCR solution, meaning you don’t have to train the model for every new document layout. It attempts to extract the data from the utterly unknown document layout with significant accuracy. It is all possible because the KlearStack is built on the deep learning neural network. 

With the help of KlearStack, you can digitize various document types such as:

  1. Invoices
  2. Purchase Orders
  3. Insurance Policy
  4. ID cards
  5. Receipts 
  6. Bill of Lading
  7. Credit Notes
  8. Proforma Invoices
  9. Delivery Notes
  10. Packing List
  11. Bill of Exchange
  12. Loan Notices
  13. Property Loan Appraisal Report
  14. Letter of Credit

Note: KlearStack also supports custom document types. 

Are you struggling with time-consuming invoice data extraction? Try none other than KlearStack; you’ll never regret this decision. 

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#2. Ephesoft


Similar to KlearStack, Ephesoft is an intelligent document automation technology. It automatically classifies, extracts, and acts on the document data. This document digitization solution empowers businesses to extract actionable insights from documents efficiently, maximizing productivity.

Ephesoft is a cloud-based and on-premise software solution. It supports a variety of use cases with the help of AI-based OCR, and ML. 

Software Name: Ephesoft
  1. Cutting-edge AI
  2. Computer vision
  3. Deep learning neural network technology
  4. Integration
  5. Data extraction
  1. Reduce processing costs by up to 50%
  2. 99% Accuracy
  3. Eliminate manual data entry errors
  4. Improve efficiency by 95%
  5. Faster deployment
  6. 400% increase in productivity 
  7. 99.9% Ability to find documents 
  8. 50% document prep time and 75% indexing efforts reduced
  9. Audits went from several weeks to several hours 
Pricing: Pricing varies between standard, premium and enterprise plans. 

#3. Klippa


Klippa is an AI-powered automated document processing solution. Its machine learning technology automates many document and data-related business processes. 

Klippa specializes in digitizing and automating tasks such as invoice processing, expense management, and data extraction from contracts, passports, and bank statements.

Software Name: Klippa
  1. Document scanning
  2. Document format and quality conversions
  3. Document to text with OCR
  4. Data extraction
  5. Classifying documents and data 
  6. Data validation
  7. Document management
  8. Workflow optimization
  9. Easy implementation via APIs & SDKs
  1. Improves efficiency 
  2. 99% Accuracy
  3. No distractions from core operations
Pricing:Available on request

#4. Rossum


Rossum operates in the cloud, ensuring rapid, accurate, and user-friendly document processing. Say goodbye to the monotony of manual data entry. 

It is designed to effortlessly handle your document-related tasks, releasing your team from the shackles of manual data input and the constraints of rigid templates.

Software Name: Rossum
  1. Data extraction
  2. Data validation
  3. Document management
  4. APIs
  1. 75% manual workload reduction
  2. 90% automation rate
  3. 84.7% time saving per document
  4. 96% accuracy rate
  5. 365% median customer ROI
  6. 3.87B keystrokes saved per year
Pricing:Available on request

How to Choose the Right Document Digitization Company for Your Business?

Choosing the right document digitization partner for your business is a critical decision that can greatly impact your efficiency, cost savings, and data security. 

To make this choice, consider the following factors:

Pricing Structure: 

  • Evaluate the pricing structure of your partner. 
  • Look for transparency in pricing and ensure it aligns with your budget constraints.

Proven Track Record: 

  • Look for a partner with a proven track record in document digitization. 
  • Check client testimonials and reviews to gauge their reputation.

Tailor-Made Solutions: 

  • Your partner should offer tailored solutions that align with your specific needs and budget.

Reduced Errors, Greater Accuracy: 

  • Ensure they employ advanced AI and OCR technologies to deliver high accuracy in data extraction, reducing errors in your digitized documents.


  • Check if the partner’s solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, such as ERP or CRM software.

Ask for References and Case Studies: 

  • Contact existing clients to gain insights into their experiences and the benefits they’ve realized.

Why Choose KlearStack for Digitizing Document?

We recognize your desire for error-free, high-quality digitized documents that can keep you engaged into hours of decision-making. 

And here’s why KlearStack is your ideal solution: 

Why businesses use Klearstack for data extraction?

It not only offers tailored solutions that fit your specific needs and budget constraints, but also prioritizes the security of your data, offers 99% accuracy, and increases your productivity up to 200%. 

Is manual document processing holding you back? Don’t let it happen. Choose KlearStack. Book a LIVE DEMO SESSION today. It is completely free. 

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FAQs on Document Digitization Companies in India

What are the digitization services of documents?

Digitization services encompass the conversion of physical documents into digital formats like PDFs or images. This process enhances the accessibility, searchability, and preservation of documents.

How much does it cost to scan documents in India?

The cost of scanning documents in India varies depending on factors like the volume of documents, complexity, and service provider. Costs can range from a few rupees for individual scans to more significant expenses for large-scale projects.

What is document management and digitization?

Document management and digitization involve organizing, storing, and converting paper-based documents into digital formats. This enables efficient document retrieval, sharing, and long-term preservation.

What does digitalization mean?

Digitalization refers to the process of transforming analog or physical data, processes, or systems into digital form. It enhances accessibility, efficiency, and the ability to analyze and manipulate data electronically.

What are digitization services?

Digitization services encompass a range of methods for converting physical information into digital formats. These services can include document scanning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), data entry, and more.

What is data digitization?

Data digitization involves converting analog or paper-based data, such as text, numbers, or images, into digital form. This process facilitates easier storage, analysis, and retrieval of data.

What are the different types of digitization of data?

Types of data digitization include document scanning, which converts paper documents into digital images, and OCR, which extracts text from scanned documents. Data entry is another method of digitizing data manually.

What are the benefits of digitizing services?

Digitizing services offer several benefits, including improved operational efficiency, cost savings due to reduced physical storage, enhanced data security, accurate and error-free reporting, and streamlined data retrieval for informed decision-making.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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