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[vc_row pix_particles_check=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Enterprises today are looking for solutions that will help their internal processes become faster and quicker so that they can spend time completing more tasks in less time. They also want this to be achieved with utmost accuracy and without plenty of errors. As technology has evolved over the years, various software solutions have taken birth that help to achieve this. Amazon Textract is one such solution.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have and will keep eliminating inputs from humans so that we can focus on our core activities and do not engage ourselves in tasks that are monotonous in nature. Most of the monotonous tasks can be automated and Amazon Textract is one of those many solutions that can help you with eliminating monotonous tasks at your workplace.

By automating the scanning and storing of data, Amazon Textract helps your business to get rid of physical documentation and help them digitise it at your workplace. The Hassle of keeping physical documents at the workplace reduces and therefore, you will have one less burden on your head – the safety of physical documents.

But what exactly is Amazon Textract and how does it help your business become more efficient? Let’s find that out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row pix_particles_check=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]

What is Amazon Textract?


A product of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Textract helps in data capturing, data organisation and cloud storage of the same. Based on a deep-learning tool, it is an intelligent data extraction solution as it can extract data from images, tables, various types of forms, printed PDFs and other scanned documents. Amazon Textract can also extract data from handwritten documents, one of the most difficult types of documents to extract data from.


Amazon Textract does not use a simple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution. It uses a much more sophisticated OCR that allows data to be extracted from any type of template. In most cases, the invoice and receipt templates of one company differ from another. Amazon Textract OCR helps to extract data from all kinds of templates as it matches the extracted data with the fields. This makes Amazon Textract one of the most unique and efficient data extraction solutions.


Features of Amazon Textract


Amazon Textract has plenty of features when it comes to data extraction and recognition. Some of them are listed below.


Recognition of Handwritten Text

Usually, sectors like Banks, Hospitals, Pharmacies, deal in documents that are written by hand. Be it KYC forms, prescriptions or medical reports. The data in such cases is highly unorganised and unstructured, therefore, creating a cumbersome process for search and discovery of such data when required.

Using Amazon Textract, this data can be extracted, organised and stored, thereby, creating a much more efficient and systematic approach for the entire process. This helps for respective authorities to find the data easily through a few searches on the computer and the data is presented in a manner that is easy to understand. Same can be achieved through KlearStack’s solutions as well.


Data Extraction from Invoices & Receipts

Through Amazon Textract, data capturing and organising becomes quite easy. Details like contact information, items purchased, vendor name and so on can be extracted from any type of template. More than often, there are no standard templates for data extraction since different vendors use various templates and designs to generate their invoices and receipts. Because of that, data has to be manually entered and filled in. Since Amazon Textract uses Machine Learning, such data can be automatically extracted.

Another issue with data extraction from different templates for invoices and receipts is that even the field names could be different. For example, in one invoice it can be customer id and in another, it could be reference id. Amazon Textract maps the data in the field with the field name and standardizes the entire process of data extraction and therefore, resulting in one uniform and organised dataset, irrespective of how the template is from the vendor’s end. KlearStack’s solution also provides template-free data extraction solutions.


Human Review of The Workflow

At times, the printed or handwritten data can not be very clear and therefore, may require human verification to check if the data is extracted accurately or not. Amazon Textract is integrated with an augmentation solution called Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I). This is a built-in workflow solution with Amazon Textract.

Amazon A2I is linked with the AnalyzeDocument API of Amazon Textract. AnalyzeDocument API helps in detecting relationships between scanned items. Once this API is added in the Amazon A2I loop, Amazon A2I monitors the Amazon Textract outcomes and delivers the document to one or more human reviewers.

For example, if you would like a human to review a specific data in the field “Full Name” and related values, you can activate a query that can start human review at any time for the field “Full Name” or if the accuracy level of the data is not matched as per your needs. So in case, there seems to be inaccurate data in certain fields, it can be easily reviewed by humans.



Mentioned above are a few of the many features of Amazon Textract that can provide you with an endless amount of benefits in terms of time, cost, data organisation & storage and so on. Having said that, KlearStack’s solution fares better when it comes to identifying and extracting data from all types of templates.

We believe in being transparent and honest when it comes to treating our competition. You can read more about how Amazon Textract fares with KlearStack’s solutions here that solves exactly the same problem.

Enterprises today are adopting much more efficient practices to outsource their day-to-day monotonous activities so they can focus on growing their business. If your enterprise is also looking to outsource its documentation processes and create a hassle-free environment at your workplace, feel free to connect with KlearStack’s experts by clicking here.


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