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Extract Data from Unstructured Invoices with KlearStack

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Extracting text from images manually is a cumbersome and time-consuming process that is prone to errors. It’s highly inefficient, especially when handling large volumes of image-based data.

An image-to-text converter, often called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, is a powerful tool that can transform images into machine-readable text, making it accessible and editable.

OCR technology like KlearStack streamlines text extraction from images, making it efficient and accurate. It automates the cumbersome manual process, saving time and reducing errors. 

Whether it’s handwritten notes, printed documents, or digital images, KlearStack’s versatility extends across various scenarios.

How to Extract Text from Image

Image Source

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How to Extract Text from Image Using KlearStack: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Sign Up or Log In

If you’re a new user, sign up for a KlearStack account. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Upload Your Image

Once logged in, navigate to the text extraction tool. Upload the image from which you want to extract text. Ensure it’s clear and of good quality for accurate results.

Step 3: Choose Language and Format

Select the language of the text in your image. Choose the desired output format for the extracted text, such as plain text or a specific document format.

Step 4: Start the Extraction Process

Click on the “Start Extraction” button to initiate the OCR process. KlearStack will analyze the image and extract the text.

Step 5: Review and Edit (If Necessary)

After the extraction is complete, review the extracted text. KlearStack provides a user-friendly interface for this purpose.

Edit or correct any inaccuracies if needed.

Step 6: Save or Download

Once you’re satisfied with the extracted text, you can save it directly within the KlearStack platform or download it to your device.

How Can KlearStack OCR Extract Specific Data like Tables and Line Items?

Image Analysis

When you upload an image containing tables or line items, KlearStack’s OCR engine performs a detailed image analysis. It identifies the presence of structured data, such as tables or lists within the image.

Layout Recognition

KlearStack recognizes the layout and structure of tables and line items in the image. It identifies rows, columns, and cell boundaries, understanding the data’s organization.

Character Recognition

Characters within each cell of the table or line item list is recognized. The tool reads the text within these cells, character by character.

Data Extraction

As the characters are recognized, KlearStack aggregates them into meaningful data. 

  • For tables, it assembles the data into rows and columns, maintaining the structure of the original table. 
  • For line items, it creates a structured list of items with associated details.

Data Validation (Optional)

Depending on the configuration and needs, KlearStack may perform data validation to ensure accuracy. 

This can include checks for numerical values, date formats, or other specific criteria.

Output Formats

KlearStack offers the flexibility to output the extracted data in various formats, such as spreadsheets (e.g., Excel), databases, or custom formats, depending on your requirements.

Review and Correction (If Necessary)

Users have the option to review the extracted data and make corrections if the OCR engine encounters any difficulties. This ensures accuracy and reliability.

Automation and Integration 

KlearStack can be integrated into automated workflows.

It can automatically populate databases, accounting software, or other systems with the extracted data.

When and Where Text Extraction from Image is Useful?

Text extraction from images is useful in various scenarios and industries:

  • Document Digitization: Converting paper-based documents into digital text for efficient storage and retrieval.
  • Data Entry and Forms Automation: Automating data entry by extracting information from forms, surveys, and questionnaires.
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable: Streamlining invoice processing by extracting invoice data for payment and reconciliation.
  • Accessibility: Making content accessible to individuals with visual impairments by converting printed or handwritten text into readable digital formats.
  • Data Analysis: Extracting structured data from reports, tables, or financial statements for analysis and reporting purposes.
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Why KlearStack OCR is the Best Tool to Extract Data from Image?

When it comes to text extraction from images, KlearStack stands out for several compelling reasons:

No Template Setup Required

Unlike many OCR tools that require extensive template setup, KlearStack eliminates this need. 

It excels at extracting data from various document layouts, saving you valuable setup time.

Greater Accuracy

KlearStack employs advanced OCR technology, ensuring 99% accuracy in recognizing characters and layouts, even in complex documents.

Cost and Time Savings

KlearStack’s efficiency translates to substantial 70% cost and saving 1000s of hours. 

It automates data extraction, reducing the need for manual data entry and associated labor costs.

Data Formatting

KlearStack doesn’t just extract text; it can also format data into structured formats like tables, making it readily usable for your specific needs.

Amount of Training Data Required

KlearStack requires minimal training data to perform effectively. Its robust algorithms adapt quickly to different document types, reducing the learning curve.

Self-Learning AI

With self-learning AI capabilities, KlearStack continually adapts to evolving document structures and data patterns.

API Friendly

KlearStack offers API integration, making it seamlessly compatible with your existing workflows and software applications. It fits into your tech stack without disruption.

Why KlearStack Image OCR is Better?

 KlearStackTraditional OCR Tools
No-Template Setup Requiredx
Greater Accuracyx
Cost & Time Savingsx
Data Formattingx
No Training Data Requiredx
Self Learning AIx
API Friendlyx


Experience how KlearStack OCR can save you up to 70% in costs and elevate your business to 99% error-free efficiency. Extract text from 1000+ images in a LIVE DEMO call today.


The time you save with KlearStack can be redirected towards more strategic tasks, while the accuracy it offers reduces the risk of errors. Moreover, its self-learning AI ensures that it stays ahead of the curve, continually improving its capabilities.

Ready to experience the future of text extraction firsthand? Book a live demo call with KlearStack today, and witness how this remarkable tool can transform your document management and data extraction workflows. 


How do I extract text from a picture?

Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software like KlearStack to extract text from a picture. Upload the image, and it will convert the text into editable digital content.

How can I extract text from a image in PDF?

To extract text from an image in a PDF, use PDF software with built-in OCR capabilities, or convert the PDF to an image format and then use OCR tools.

How do I extract text from a PDF on my phone?

To extract text from a PDF on your phone, install a mobile PDF reader with OCR capabilities. Open the PDF, select the text, and copy it for use in other apps or documents.

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