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Harness the power of KlearStack to streamline your logistics processes, reducing operational costs, setting a new standard in
supply chain management.

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How KlearStack helps in Supply Chain Automation

Real-Time Data Accessibility

Enhance operational visibility with real-time data extraction from logistics documents, enabling instant decision-making that can significantly improve fleet utilization and reduce delays and errors in shipping and receiving.


Automated Document Processing

KlearStack's AI-driven OCR technology automates the extraction and processing of logistics documents, such as bills of lading and freight bills, reducing manual entry by up to 80% and speeding up document handling by 5X.

Seamless Integration and Compliance

KlearStack seamlessly integrates extracted data into your existing Logistics Management Systems (LMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, ensuring 100% compliance with global shipping regulations and reducing compliance-related delays by 90%.

Supply Chain Automation in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Upload Your Document

Easily upload your invoices, receipts, or purchase orders as images or PDF files through various channels including email, FTP, web, or mobile applications.

Step 2: Automated Data Extraction

Leverage our advanced OCR and AI-powered technology to automatically extract essential data fields such as amounts, dates, and items from your financial documents with precision and efficiency.

Step 3: Human-in-the-Loop Verification

To ensure the highest accuracy, our automated processes are supplemented with human verification. Optional features like image quality checks and AI-driven fraud detection can be added for enhanced reliability and security.

Step 4: Integrate Data

Effortlessly integrate the extracted data into your existing ERP or accounting systems. Automate payment scheduling and execution to ensure timely payments and optimize your cash flow management.

Supply Chain Use Cases

Logistics and Shipping

Automate the extraction of shipping details from bills of lading and packing lists, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.

Inventory Management

Enhance accuracy in goods receipt and inventory tracking through automated document processing.

Supplier Coordination

Streamline invoice and delivery note processing for faster reconciliation with suppliers.

Order Processing

Automate the processing of purchase orders, reducing manual data entry and errors.

Customs Compliance

Ensure accurate and timely processing of customs declarations and related documents, reducing delays.

Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse operations by automating the processing of inventory and shipment documents.

Returns Processing

Streamline the documentation and processing of returns, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Demand Forecasting

Enhance demand forecasting accuracy by automating the processing of historical sales and inventory data.

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Up to 99% Accurate Extractions.
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Template-free data extraction


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High accuracy with self-learning abilities


More than 99% Accuracy. Compare original to extracted. Input missing metadata. Self-learning algorithm.

Seamless integrations

Open RESTful APIs . Easy integration with any systems. Out-of-the-box integrations with SAP, QuickBooks, and more.

Security & Compliance

Complete data security, exclusivity and compliance.

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