The age of Hyper-intelligent systems

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[vc_row pix_particles_check=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation are the two technologies that are changing the way we live, each day as it comes. The confluence of these two major forces has led to the creation of a concept called Hyper-intelligent system. Hyper Intelligent Automation or HIA as they call it, is a means of expediting routine tasks through automation, but also instilling a touch of intelligence so that human intervention can be reduced or eliminated.

Enterprises all over the world are now investing in Hyper Intelligent Automation and its different use cases. The growth trajectory of hyper-intelligence has been quite remarkable. Therefore, let us try and explore the concept in much more detail in this blog.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row pix_particles_check=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]

What Is Hyper-intelligence?

The ability to complete complex tasks with ease, and possessing high degrees of intelligence is what we call hyper-intelligence. Putting the term in a technical perspective, Hyper-intelligence is the quality of a system to automate and process commands at a lightning-fast speed, supplemented by intelligent inputs.

Hyper-intelligence as a concept has been popularized by several top companies of the world, working in various sectors. You can see the implementation of hyper-intelligent systems in self-driving cars, automatic weapons, automatic radiographic diagnostic systems, and many other revolutionary inventions. A hyper-intelligent system comprises several digital and physical entities, which promote automation and productivity in multiple ways.



Architecture Of Hyper-intelligent Systems

Hyper-intelligent systems did not get created from any new components as such. The building blocks of hyperintelligent systems are technologies that even the common man is now using at a large scale. Including the likes of Cloud technology, the other fundamental building blocks of Hyper-intelligent Systems are APIs, SaaS, Microservices, etc.

The facilitation of continuous development of these basic building blocks has helped us in realizing the dream of system hyperintelligence. Bringing updates to these existing technologies like supporting lightning-fast initiation of microservices, or adding live application update features, and accelerating the testing and delivery of software products through DevOps are some of the areas where consistent development has enabled the creation of hyper-intelligent systems.

Currently, the hyper-intelligent architecture is being fine-tuned for dynamic adjustments. This means that systems are being made agile so that changing trends no longer remain a challenge. This way, hyper-intelligent systems are being strengthened to balance changing loads instantaneously and gain higher resilience.



Evolution of Hyper-intelligent AI

As stated before, there are building blocks involved in the creation of hyper-intelligent systems. By empowering all these building blocks with the benefits of artificial intelligence, the evolution of hyper-intelligent systems is being catalyzed. However, the discovery of Artificial Superintelligence or ASI is a subject of a lot of debates these days. Firstly, ASI is also known as Hypothetical AI because we are still very far from realizing the dream of having a super-intelligent AI that not only automates, learns, processes, etc., what we want it to, but also possesses self-awareness- a characteristic that makes the human race distinct from all others.

This way, the creation of a hyper-intelligent AI system means that machines will be able to process and implement things that are practically impossible for the human mind to think. Since the human brain has a limited number of neurons (billions, however), thinking is somewhat limited by the network capacity. Such constraints will not be present in super intelligent AI systems, making them almost invincible when it comes to automation.

Of course, it is a different debate when it comes to the threats of such systems, if we lose control over those. Also, EXPLAINABLE AI (XAI) is still a topic of research. Hence it will be interesting to see how decisions made by these hyper-intelligent can be explained and audited.



Back To Hyper-Intelligent Automation

Talking more about hyper-intelligent automation, one thing can be stated that this technology is building on whatever Robotic Process Automation has already provided to the world. The reinvention of Robotic Process Automation for combining it with Artificial Intelligence has led to the creation of hyper-intelligent systems.

Hyper intelligent automation can be implemented in an organization in a few simple steps. The first step involves the discovery of operational processes and routine tasks that have the capability of being automated. The next step is to prepare for automation by using Artificial Intelligence-based data extraction, which can help in digitizing text from unstructured, semi-structured, or structured documents. Lastly, RPA methods can be used to automate the action that needs to be taken on the data that has been collected so far.



KlearStack Hyper-intelligent Automation Tools

Hyper-intelligent automation is possible only with the combination of advanced artificial intelligence tools with Robotic Process Automation strategies.

KlearStack AI has leveraged the advances in Artificial Intelligence to create intelligent tools like AI-based OCR software. The software possesses self-learning capabilities, which allow it to extract data seamlessly, interpret it with maximum efficiency, and highlight any errors, whatsoever.

By using machine learning algorithms, Natural Language Processing, and other key components of Artificial Intelligence, we are determined to automate business operations in the smartest possible way.

Apart from the above-mentioned technologies, KlearStack AI also leverages heuristics, computer vision and self-learning models that enables to extract data with higher accuracy from the documents and makes sure that end-to-end documentation takes place without much hassle.

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