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Ashutosh Saitwal
Ashutosh Saitwal

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[vc_row pix_particles_check=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Most organizations have now understood that working with the traditional manual data entry model will not help them scale their operations like they wish to. Automation of this entire data entry and handling operation is the way forward. One step towards achieving this degree of automation is to invest in the best data extraction software. While the market for data extraction software has increased and grown like anything in the last five years, the fact remains that there are still several businesses that are unaware of the utility of this product.

However, even when there are willing investors for the purchase of the services of any data extraction software vendor, the process of finding the right data is quite difficult. Finding the best data extraction software can be quite endearing, because for now, the market is completely flooded with options that range between different prices, along with a host of different features.

Best Data Extraction Software in 2023

1. KlearStack

KlearStack has emerged as one of the most viable industry tools to manage the huge chunk of unstructured documents. Unstructured data accounts for almost fifty percent of the information churned out by industry verticals daily. The data includes images, bills, invoices, ledgers, etc., and becomes extremely difficult to manage unless digitized and extracted uniformly.

KlearStack offers seamless support for data extraction from such unstructured documents by leveraging the advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning. KlearStack ensures that the output generated after automated data extraction is accurate and free of any errors. It utilizes advanced optical character recognition technology, which can recognize even complex modern-day characters to provide the best possible results.

By combining the advantages of machine learning, the recognition process has become more accurate with every passing day. The models were trained very professionally, and therefore, are able to generalize extremely well when it comes to the samples and data to be captured. Other advantages include the availability of insights and appropriate metrics for the right kind of data analytics in industries.

2. Ocrolus

If you are looking for a data extraction software which is specifically suitable for financial documents only, then Ocrolus is the right choice for you. Machine learning models trained on extensive data, the tool is able to capture information directly from unorganized bills, tax papers, legal documents, and invoices respectively.

Currently, it is widely used all across industries for this particular use case. The advantage is that by leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence, the software can be used to automate invoice processing as well. This makes it a comprehensive tool for financial data management and thus, the industry demand for the tool is very significant.

The software also helps results identify cash flow patterns. This information is important for the accounts department so as to ensure that all accounts payables are not cleared off right when the company is in need of some cash in hand.

3. Infrrd

Since for most companies today the utility of a data extraction software has increased much beyond the simple pulling out of information from documents and converting into digitized forms, the software should support data analytics and insight generation immensely. One software which has a proven track record in providing excellent help in this regard is Infrrd.

One of the key highlights of using the software for business purposes is that its contribution to Predictive Analytics is very superior. Businesses are using the software for predictive analytics to ensure that their strategies are future-proof and reap the exact benefits as desired.

While the software is known to deliver intelligent insights regularly and accurately, its ability to deal with large volumes of data is also exceptional. With automatic pattern recognition features, thanks to a well-trained machine learning model, the software is able to deliver on a large scale.

4. Docparser

The adoption and usage pattern of data extraction software in small and medium-sized industries is quite disparate. The reasons are that firstly, the awareness regarding such tools is still on the lower side when it comes to smaller businesses. Secondly, the costs associated with proprietary data extraction tools and software are quite high for small businesses to invest. If your business is facing a similar issue, but requires such data extraction software direly then Docparser is one of the best choices.

The software is among the oldest document processing solutions available in the market. By utilizing both in-built text recognition engines and external OCR engines, the software supports all simple document parsing needs effectively. Small businesses, more or less, will require this degree of help when it comes to document processing automation.

5. Rossum

Cloud-based solutions are beginning to get more popular than on-premise proprietary solutions. If you are looking for such a Cloud solution for your data extraction needs then Rossum can be a good choice.

By offering support for all types of unstructured documents, particularly those belonging to the financial domain, like bills, invoices, etc., Rossum supports the majority of the extraction needs for most organizations.


Just like any other automation and operations tool, the key to choosing the best data extraction software is that you understand the purpose of using the software in the first place. Most businesses require a comprehensive tool that can help to capture, convert, and process information from all types of documents. This list can be helpful for you to find the right software for your needs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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