How to extract data from a credit note?

How to extract data from a credit note (2)

A credit note is a document that requires careful analysis to ensure that the business does not suffer any losses. The data extraction from a credit note is of vital importance and requires careful consideration. Any errors here could result in financial losses for the business.  Manual data entry often leaves scope for human errors […]

How to Extract Data from Packing List?

How to Extract Data from Packing List

A packing list is one of the crucial documents in the supply chain, consisting of the contents of each package, their weights, measurements, and the list of all goods in the shipment. Freight forwarders use the packing list during international, national, or regional shipments. This helps determine weights and freight costs. It also aids customs […]

How to Extract Data from Proforma Invoice?

Extract Data from Proforma Invoice

Proforma invoices are among the crucial documents in business that streamline pre-transaction processes by offering detailed cost estimates for goods or services. It smoothes the transaction process and provides transparency between buyers and companies. It plays a significant role in finalizing the deal, especially in international business,  arranging funds and advance for the goods/services, outlining […]

How to Extract Data from Bill of Lading? BoL Data Extraction

How to Extract Data from Bill of Lading?

A Bill of Lading (BoL) is a legal document that contains vital information about the goods being shipped, the parties involved, and the terms of shipment. It also has signatures from all the parties, making it an important document of the transaction in logistics. Logistics and supply chain companies like yours deal with hundreds and […]

How to Extract Data from ID Cards?

How to Extract Data from ID Cards

The data that any form of identification card (ID card) like Passport, Driver License, PAN card, Aadhar card, etc holds is crucial and confidential. It is a primary source to identify and authenticate an individual’s identity. Due to the high sensitivity of the information it becomes essential for the organization to ensure the highest level […]

How to extract data from a Purchase Order?

How to extract data from a Purchase Order

Purchase Order (PO) is a legal contract/agreement of a transaction between a buyer and a seller. If any errors occur while capturing data from this document, it can have a significant impact on the business. With various departments submitting their purchase requirements, accounts payable teams often have to handle a huge number of POs. Processing […]

How to Extract Data from Insurance Policies in 2024?

How to Extract Data from Insurance Policies in 2024

Insurance policies contain a wealth of information such as unique identifiers, names or entities, policy type, amount paid, coverage limit, etc. Companies operating in this field must extract and arrange these data in a structured format. It helps with the easy accessibility of multiple information, risk management, fraud detection, claim processing, and more. It also […]

How to extract data from receipts?

How to extract data from receipts

As businesses grow, processing numerous receipts becomes challenging. Receipts vary in templates, styles, and formats. Manual data extraction consumes several hours and also the rate of errors is very high. This slows down operations and wastes resources, reducing efficiency.  Opting for automated data extraction via an Automated Receipt Processing Software offers a solution. It accelerates […]

How to Extract Data from Invoices?

How to Extract Data from Invoices

Organizations often struggle with processing numerous invoices as the business grows. Invoices are usually designed differently by each organization as per their needs and these styles, templates, and formats are complex to process manually. Manual processing of invoices leads to a high rate of errors and loss of time. These concerns slow down operations and […]

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